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It is with great sadness that as of April 30th, I am going to be suspending my campaign for the Massachusetts 8th Congressional District seat. It was an uphill battle that I didn't expect to end this early. I began this run with little information, guidance, or experience on how to lead a political campaign, but I learned and grew my campaign into what I believed would be a strong contender against the incumbent. I met people who had heard of me all the way in South Boston without me ever having stepped foot into the city. My campaign had even reached the ears of Congressman Stephen Lynch, who told me he already knew about me when we met for the first time. Unfortunately, multiple factors including a severe absence of support from the MassGOP and the district RTCs, hardly any willing or reliable volunteers, low voter turnout at local elections, and a lack of understanding of the democratic process by the general populace, has caused me to fall short of my signature goal. I was only able to amass a total of around 1700 signatures with the help of only three consistent and passionate volunteers. I want to thank everyone who pledged support to me and followed my campaign. I'm sorry to have let down my supporters and the people of District 8.


Thank you,

Matthew Lynch

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